The Programme

RHEMA Bible College is a two-level Programme of Study consisting of Level One Biblical Studies and Level Two Christian Ministry.

Intakes and RBC Schedule
Students may begin their Level 1 study at the September or Winter Intakes. Should an applying student miss either intake due to extenuating circumstances, RBC now offers a Flexible Admission Process. 


RBC is a part-time college, meeting on selected Saturdays, from September through June. Level One consists of 26 Satrudays of study, typically taking 2 years to complete. Level Two consists of 17 Saturdays of study and may be completed in 1 year.

Practical Ministry Requirement (PMR)
At RBC, we believe in the local church, and therefore require students to serve in their local churches throughout the duration of their study. We believe the spiritual discipline and heart of servitude developed through service in the local church is vital in the preparation of believers for Christian service. Practical service involves serving in areas such as Car Park Attendants, Greeters, Stewards, Praise and Worship Team, Creche, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Technical Support, Hospitality, Facility Care, etc., and should be rendered monthly.

  • Level One PMR is 100 hours, to be served over the duration of this two-year course of study.
  • Level Two PMR is 75 hours, to be served over the duration of this one-year course of study.

Level One – Biblical Studies
A strong biblical foundation promotes success in life, family, career, and ministry. RBC’s curriculum is designed to help establish students in the fundamental principles of God’s Word in a structured and disciplined atmosphere. Students are stretched and challenged as they grow spiritually. The Authority of the Believer, Aspects of Grace, Faith Foundations, Bibliology, Ecclesiolgy, Life of Honour, Biblical Finance and Christ the Healer, are just some of the subjects offered in our Level One Programme.

Upon successful completion of Level One, students receive a Certificate of Completion in Biblical Studies.

Level Two – Christian Ministry
The Level Two curriculum emphasises practical aspects of ministry whilst building upon the Level One Programme. Training includes ministry areas such as Pastoral Care, Missions, Children, Youth, and Supportive Ministries.

Applicants to the Level 2 Programme of study must have their RBC Certificate of Completion in Biblical Studies.

Upon successful completion of Level Two, you will receive a Diploma in Christian Ministry.